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Jason Gander

I started doing UWT in April and was set a challenge by Dave to get down to 100kg from 130kg in 12 weeks.

I had put on a lot of weight and had gone from being pretty active like playing football squash and going to the gym, to finding myself not doing any sport and leaving the gym.

On a daily basis I told myself I need to get back in the gym but lost all confidence because of the weight I put on so kept making excuses.

At UWT I was quickly made to feel like a part of a family and my insecurities of finding out how unfit I actually was had disappeared.

Dave, Paul, Ben and Emma constantly motivated and gave support keeping every session interesting and equally challenging and that helped me keep focus on the goals set by them and myself. I followed the diet plan set by them and it helped me no end having a structured diet I could stick to.

Everybody that goes to UWT is friendly and helpful and whatever level of fitness you are whatever size shape or whatever the end goal UWT will improve your health and lifestyle. I went past the target set and if I hadn’t started UWT would probably still be making excuses to not start losing weight and changing my lifestyle.

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