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Mark Bloxam

Dragged kicking and screaming out of my midlife inactive laziness and coerced by a friend to join, it was not without a little fear that I attended the first class.

However immediately I was made to feel very at home, very quickly both Paul and Dave pushed me to work as hard as I personally could, not competitively but to a level that drove me forward – the team recognise what motivates me and use that to spur me on. I am unsure what the secret is, but UWT has a great tribe of attendees – supportive, fun and engaging to work out with regardless who is there on any given night. A really good team feel. Has it worked! nearly a year later attending twice a week – without cliche! or sounding like a cheesy advert – I feel better, fitter have more energy, love going to classes of which there is enough choice to fit around me being busy! – no excuses!!!

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