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Paul Cartin

I joined UWT in August 2014 and have been hooked ever since. Prior to joining UWT I hadn’t done anything like this, I wasn’t really into the gym but I had been a keen runner for about 5 years but UWT offers so much more….

What’s so good about UWT?

  • Different routines and exercises every single time make the sessions fun, unpredictable and never ever boring
  • There’s loads of classes available ensuring you can get there every week at times which suit you
  • Motivational, fun and challenging trainers who push everyone to their limit (and further) and know how to motivate each and every person in classes of up to 28 WARRIORS
  • Knowledgeable trainers who will help with injuries and modify / personalise training routines – ensuring you still make progress even when carrying minor injuries
  • Free diet plans and guidance for WARRIORS who’s main goal is weight loss, but sensible plans which promote wellbeing and not ‘fads’
  • A welcoming / friendly and supportive environment for ALL people not matter what age, sex, weight or fitness level
  • All WARRIORS have their own personal goals and the UWT Trainers and WARRIORS push, support and motivate each other to achieve them
  • Very very good value with unlimited classes available at a fraction of the cost of going to the gym and far far more beneficial

In 18 months my progress has been all about fitness improvement and it’s been incredible. My goal was not weight loss, my weight is broadly the same but my body shape has changed so much, which at 45 years old is a bigger challenge than for some!! Commitment and enjoyment of the classes plus the support / challenge of the UWT trainers and fellow WARRIORS have really helped me deliver this, I am fitter and stronger now than I have ever been. I try and train 3 times a week to keep improving, and have even ‘treated’ myself to the occasional 1:1 PT sessions to test myself further, these are great (but painful) and also really good value!

Good luck to UWT – you’ve found something great, keep it going!

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