Paul Gilson

Paul is co-owner and a level 3 qualified personal trainer and coach at Ultimate Training. Paul specialises in strength and conditioning, fat loss, functional training and youth training.

“I love what I do as I get to help people not only achieve their fitness goals but also change their thoughts about exercise. I love to see clients realising not just the physical, but the mental gains they can achieve from exercise and increased fitness.”

Nicky Gilson

Nicky is co-owner and a level 3 qualified personal trainer and coach at Ultimate Training. She specialises in strength and conditioning, fat loss, functional training, pre-post natal and youth training.

“I am so passionate about what I do. I love seeing each client’s confidence, happiness and self-belief grow as they achieve their fitness goals. I believe strength is internal as well as external, so helping my clients change their mindset is key to success.”

Claire Whitehouse

Claire has been a fitness instructor for just over 18 months, but her own personal journey started 20 years ago when she lost 4 stone in weight and started to enjoy exercise.

Claire became an instructor to share her passion about the importance that exercise can play in someone’s lifestyle.

“Getting fit has helped me in so many ways that now I want to help others achieve their goals. I feel it’s really important to teach technique – after sustaining injuries myself, I know technique is absolutely imperative to building a stronger leaner body.”

Jack Lewis

Jack is a fitness instructor with an adventurous side – from skydiving in Australia to volunteering in an orphanage in Sri Lanka! Jack loves a challenge as well as pushing his own fitness further with local Tough Mudder events and the prospect of taking part in Brighton Marathon 2021.

“I may be small but my passion for fitness and adventure is huge, especially when I can also help others achieve their fitness goals. Remember, you are strong and can do more than you think you’re capable of. With a smile on your face and a spring in your step, trust me you will have a better day!”

Amanda Christensen

Amanda is a level 4 qualified personal trainer, nutritionist and founder/owner of Infinity 8 Fitness online nutrition coaching programme.

“My main focus is to offer guidance and encouragement to people wanting to change their lifestyle for the better through training and weight loss.”

“If it doesn’t
challenge you it
doesn’t change you”

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